Two Business Centres have been set up at Phoenix and Triolet since March 2009 to stimulate growth of women owned enterprises through the allocation of space at nominal rates.
 The aims of the project are:
• To generate opportunities for Women as Incubatees;
• To utilise the existing and emerging opportunities in the key economic sectors by enabling the manufacturing of Quality Products or Provision of Services;
• To provide job opportunities for women;
• To exploit the local skills and raw materials for value-addition in Handicraft; and
• To provide space and comprehensive support to selected Women Entrepreneurs to grow and develop Business

Criteria and Conditions:
• More than 50% of the business is owned by a woman or a group of women.
• Has been in operation for 3 years.
• Innovative ideas, potential for high growth and high degree of commitment.
• Ability to produce and/or provide high quality and local products / services.
• Projects which will not be considered (Massage Parlour, Hair Dressing, Catering and    products without any local processing or value-added items).
• No adverse effect on the Environment (Does not require an EIA License and does not create high level of noise).
• Projects should be technically, economically and financially feasible.
• Maximum Rental – 18 months

How to apply?
  • Applicants should submit application form duly filled to the National Women Entrepreneur Council  at Royal Road, Phoenix or at Triolet Women Empowerment Centre, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Triolet.
  • Documents to be submitted:
    • Business Plan 
    • License/ Permits
    • Business Card
    • Certificate of incorporation               
Key facilities provided
• Business Support Services
• Business Counseling
• Marketing Support
• Training
• Shared Office Services (Fax, Internet, Telephone)
• Security Services
• Parking